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Born into a family of wine growers, owners of Château Bouteilley since 1617, Jean Guillot established the negociant business that carries his name in 1953.
Jean Guillot is a wholly family-owned public company directed by Jean’s two sons, Jean-Louis Guillot (chairman and CEO) and his brother Christophe (vineyard manager).
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The estate has belonged to the Guillot family since 1617 and is located on the clay-limestone hillsides of Yvrac. The wines are made in a state-of-the-art winery fitted with specially-designed stainless steel tanks (patented by Jean Guillot) Cuves Guillotvin.comenabling efficient and consistent temperature control and good maceration conditions.


Surrounded on three sides by vines belonging to Château Bouteilley, it was purchased in 1974 by Jean Guillot.

Its wines are made in the same way as Château Bouteilley (stainless steel tanks).


Located on a superb clay-gravel plateau bordering on the village of Saint Loubès, the estate was purchased in 1995.

Its vineyards are virtually frost-free, allowing its precious fruit to ripen in ideal conditions.


Farmed on a leasehold basis by the Guillot family since 1964, the estate is located on clay-gravel soils with a remarkable aspect.

It only produces red Bordeaux wines on a boutique scale.


Located 12 kilometres north-east of Bordeaux in the village of Yvrac, the vineyard extends over clay-limestone soils. It was bought in 1988 and is run by Christophe Guillot.

The wines are made in a modern winery equipped with stainless steel tanks enabling efficient temperature control.

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